Linen fabrics

linen fabrics lithuania
Wide range of linen fabrics for garments, home textiles, upholstery and more:
  • dyed and printed linen fabrics
  • natural linen fabrics
  • heavy duty fabrics
  • terry linen fabrics

Home textile

home textiles linen
Variety of linen home textile products and custom made orders for textiles or garments:
  • bed linen
  • table linen
  • kitchen linen
  • bathroom linen and more

Yarns and twines

Different types of yarns and twines from Nm 0,2 to Nm 40:
  • dry spun yarn
  • wet spun yarn
  • blended yarn
  • twines

Flax fibers

Fibers for spinning, automotive and paper industry:
  • short flax fiber
  • long flax fiber
  • cottonized flax fiber
  • waste fiber