Linen fabrics

Wide range of linen fabrics for clouthing, home textile and more:

  • Pfd linen fabrics.
  • Natural linen fabrics.
  • Dyed linen fabrics.
  • Linen terry fabrics.
Linen fabrics

Yarns and twines

Different types of yarns and twines, from NM0,9 to NM43:

  • Dry spun yarn.
  • Wet spun yarn.
  • Blended yarn.
  • Twines.
Linen yarns and twines

Flax fibres

A lot of types of flax fibres for different industries:

  • Short flax fibre.
  • Long flax fibre.
  • Cottonised flax.
  • Waste fibres.
Flax fibres


Providing all services around linen fabrics and yarns:

  • Finishing of linen fabrics.
  • Dyeng of yarn.
  • Seving.
  • Developing of new products.